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Branch Head (Force Protection)


Vacancy Number: 23/009

Job Title: Branch Head (Force Protection)

Basic Monthly Salary: $10,090.40, not exempt from taxation

Closing Date: Wednesday, 01 March 2023, 2359 EST (UTC-5)

Joint Force Command Norfolk (JFCNF) is seeking to hire a Branch Head (Force Protection) to lead the creation of the Force Protection (FP) Branch within JFCNF and to contribute to the planning, coordination and synchronization of execution of effects and tasks within the full spectrum of FP.


JFCNF Headquarters are located in Norfolk, Virginia and it is the only Operational NATO command in the United States. JFCNF serves as the bridge between Europe and North America and was established to project stability, deter aggression and defend NATO’s allies in the North Atlantic and High North, from seabed to space.


Location: Norfolk, VA, USA

Directorate/Division: Operations Directorate/J3 Division

Security Clearance Required: NATO Secret

Post Context/Post Summary

JFCNF provides a Joint Headquarters to plan, prepare and conduct operations to support NATO’s core tasks at the Joint Operational Level, as directed by the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR).

The Operations Directorate is responsible for directing, monitoring, assessing and coordinating operational effects and staff functions. It assists and provides advices in the execution of assigned responsibilities and duties regarding all regionally focused operational activities.

The J3 Division is led by the Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations (ACOS J3), and is responsible for the implementation and oversight of operational plans, procedures and techniques to ensure effective command and control of assigned forces in peacetime through Crisis and up to MLE.

The FP Branch is responsible to ACOS J3 for aligning and synchronizing FP measures from all threats, to include non-conventional threats and terrorism in order to preserve FOA.

The incumbent directs and supervises the work and priorities of the J3 Force Protection Branch by providing leadership & coaching, direction & guidance, prioritization, synchronization & coordination, execution and assessment of tasks.

Principal Duties

The incumbent's duties are:

1) Responsible to ACOS J3 for contributing to planning, coordination & synchronization of execution of effects and tasks within the full spectrum of Force Protection.

2) Acts as the chairperson of the Force Protection Working Group (WG), the Joint Defended Assets WG and the Electronic Magnetic Operations WG.

3) Participates in the Joint Coordination Board (JCB) WG/JCB and is an ad hoc member of the Assessment Working Group /Assessment Board.

4) Responsible for the theatre coordination of FP as a joint function with the Component Commands/Theatre Forces and Host Nations (HNs).

5) Responsible for the advising, assisting, assessment and provision of staff expertise on FP on behalf of the Joint Force Command (JFC).

6) Oversees the contribution to the development of policy, doctrine and training and exercises within the FP spectrum.

7) Oversees the provision of operational level direction and guidance on FP that have a strategic effect in order to synchronize and coord theatre-wide FP efforts.

8) Oversees the identification and validation of Hybrid threats and the impact on the allied operations and missions by conducting the risk management process and developing mitigation measures to neutralize the threat from a FP perspective.

Special Requirements and Additional Duties

The employee may be required to perform a similar range of duties elsewhere within the organisation at the same grade without there being any change to the contract.

The work is normally performed in a Normal NATO office working environment. Normal Working Conditions apply.

The risk of injury is categorised as: No Risk

Essential Qualifications

a. Professional/Experience

1) Operational background and experience in Joint Operations.

2) Operational background in Force Protection.

b. Education/Training

University Degree and 4 years post related experience, or Higher Secondary education and completed advanced vocational training leading to a professional qualification or professional accreditation with 5 years post related and 2 years function related experience.

c. Language

English - SLP 3333 (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing).

NOTE: The work both oral and written in this post and in this Headquarters as a whole is conducted mainly in English.

Desirable Qualifications

a. Professional Experience

1) National General Staff College or NATO Defence College graduate.

2) Participant in NATO training and exercises.

3) High level of organizational, coordination and communication skills.


Personal Attributes

The incumbent must display analytical thought and demonstrate independent judgment in the development of policy and strategies for JFCNF in the field of FP interests and concerns. Must be able to provide high- level advice and briefings to senior level officials on key issues to assist in the formulation of FP policy and the development of operational plans. Must be able to analyze the FP environment and identify its likely impact on FP issues of importance to the Command. Diplomacy and tact are essential in interacting with high-level officials in multinational civil and military environments. The incumbent must have strong communication skills, both oral and written. Listening and persuasiveness are crucial to the incumbent’s effective participation in policy and planning initiatives, in advising the Command Group, in coordinating policy matters internally and with other agencies and government staffs. May be required to perform duties outside normal working hours in support of mission essential requirements on short notice.

a. Professional Contacts

Internally: Staff members and their supervisors at the DCOS, ACOS and Branch Head level, Current Operations Branch and Future Operations Branch.

Externally: Policy/decision markers at JFCNF; NATO agencies; HQ NATO; and with Nations either through their SNRs or as required directly with MODs.

b. Contribution to Objectives

Consistently supports and contributes to mission effectiveness and efficiency with time and relevant advice to the Division Head on Force Protection and related issues.

This post reports to OJA OOXX 0010 – Assistant Chief of Staff J3 – OF-5


Duration of contract: not to exceed 12 months. Upon budgetary approval, a further contract may be offer.

In view of the nature and of the urgency of the temporary positions we are looking to fill, it is important for candidates to be available for temporary employment on short notice. In practice, this implies either being in possession of valid NATO security clearance at the time of application, or having been in possession of such a clearance with the possibility to reactivate it swiftly. We therefore only encourage applications for temporary positions if you are already, or have previously been, in possession of a valid NATO security clearance.


Applications are to be submitted via email to JFCNFSPTJ1Recruitment@jfcnf.nato.int and include a Cover Letter (max 1 page), Curriculum Vitae (max 2 pages), relevant certifications and two professional references.

DO NOT include the following information: Classified or government sensitive information; Social Security Number; Photos of yourself; Personal information, such as age, gender, religious affiliation, etc.; or encrypted and digitally signed documents.

Current and past civilians working for NATO or any Coordinated Organisation, shall indicate their last grade and step held (next to job title), and specify the name of employing NATO body or Coordinated Organisation.


A) Only nationals from the 30 NATO member states can apply for vacancies at JFCNF.

B) Applications are automatically acknowledged within one working day after submission. In the absence of an acknowledgement please make sure the submission process is completed, or, re-submit the application.

C) Due to limited capacity, we are unable to accommodate Candidates’ individual telephones or e-mail enquiries. All candidates will receive an answer indicating the outcome of their application.

D) Feedback will not be provided to unsuccessful applicants.


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