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What we offer

All positions

·   38 hours per week schedule

·   Meaningful work in support of the most successful political-military alliance in history


NICs and Project Linked NICs

·   Initial three-year contract with competitive monthly tax-free salary (the salary of a position is subject to Article 19 of the Ottawa Agreement on the exemption of taxation).

·   Additional benefits for expatriate staff may include expatriation and education allowances (where applicable) and additional home leave.

·   Excellent health coverage.

·   Generous annual leave of 30 days plus official holidays.

·   Pension scheme.


Temporary Personnel

• Salary: the remuneration of temporary personnel will be specified in their contracts. It is not exempt from taxation. Temporary personnel are responsible for acquitting themselves of their responsibilities for the payment of taxes.

• Benefits package: temporary staff are covered by a benefits package which consists of pension contributions by the Organization (12% of basic salary), medical and accident benefits (death and invalidity) provided under the NATO Group insurance contract. For staff eligible under NATO rules, there is also a dependent child allowance and coverage for dependent children for medical benefits.

•2.5 paid days of leave per month.


For more information concerning the terms and conditions of employment, please see the NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations.

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