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Oct 4 2023

NATO Permanent Representatives Visit JFC Norfolk

The NATO National Permanent Representatives visited JFC Norfolk (JFCNF) on 26 September 23, meeting with COM JFCNF, Vice Admiral D. Dwyer and other personnel. The visit was an important one and allowed the HQ to update the Representatives on the continued development of JFCNF in the face of an evolving strategic situation and continued Russian aggression.


Vice Admiral D. Dwyer stated: “The visit of the NATO National Permanent Representatives to Joint Force Command Norfolk is a clear demonstration of NATO’s commitment to transatlantic security and recognizes the vital role that North America plays in ensuring security and prosperity across the Alliance.”


Group photo of NATO Permanent Representatives and Vice Admiral Dwyer (Commander of JFCNF) at JFCNF, 26 September 2023  

During the visit the Representatives were briefed on the ongoing expansion of the HQ, the contributions that JFCNF makes to security in both the Atlantic and the Arctic and how the HQ is implementing the concept of “Deter and Defend” across its’ vigilance area.

Vice Admiral Dwyer greets Canadian Ambassador David Angell

Vice Admiral Dwyer welcomes Deputy Permanant Representative Milena Kalezic of Montenegro 

US Ambassador Julianne Smith and Vice Admiral Dwyer stands for photo.

Story by JFCNF Public Affairs Office

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