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Jun 27 2023

Admiral Sir Keith Blount, incoming DSACEUR visits JFC Norfolk

NORFOLK, Virginia, USA - DSACEUR (Desig) Admiral Sir Keith Blount KCB, OBE, visited Joint Force Command Norfolk on 27 June 23, where he met with COM JFCNF Vice Admiral Daniel Dwyer and other senior leadership from the Command. The visit was an extremely important event in the JFCNF calendar and an opportunity to showcase the development of NATO’s newest JFC and only operational warfighting HQ in North America.
Admiral Sir Keith Blount is greeted by Vice Admiral Daniel Dwyer at JFC Norfolk, 27 June 2023.

During the visit, Admiral Blount was briefed on JFCNF’s Regional Plan and implementation of the new 'Concept for Deterrence and Defence of the Euro-Atlantic Area'. He also received an update on the continued expansion of JFCNF, which will see significant growth in the HQ over the coming years further improving the capability and capacity to conduct vigilance activity on behalf of the Alliance.

Admiral Sir Keith Blount and Vice Admiral Daniel Dwyer discuss JFC Norfolk's roles and Regional Plan.
Admiral Sir Keith Blount is briefed by the JFC Norfolk Command Group.

For the past three years, Admiral Blount has been Commander of NATO’s Maritime Command and will take over as Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe from General Sir Tim Radford in July 2023. DSACEUR serves as the second in command to the Supreme Allied Commander Europe and concurrently as the deputy head of Allied Command Operations.

Story by JFC Norfolk Public Affairs

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